FBI v Apple, Microsoft v Department of Justice, and Post-Riley Cell Phone Searches: Rediscovering the Fourth Amendment
A research resource developed by Professor Clark D. Cunningham, W. Lee Burge Chair in Law & Ethics, Georgia State University College of Law
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Media Coverage

www.nytimes.com/news-event/apple-fbi-case (indexing more than 30 New York Times articles, including four on the front page)

www.npr.org/series/469827708/the-apple-fbi-debate-over-encryption  (indexing more than 50 National Public Radio stories)

Lev Grossman, Apple CEO Tim Cook on his Fight with the FBI and Why He Won’t Back Down, Time (Mar. 28, 2016) (cover story), http://time.com/magazine/us/4262476/march-28th-2016-vol-187-no-11-u-s/