About Themis Solutions Inc.

Themis Solutions Inc., the provider of Clio, is a Vancouver, BC-based web services company dedicated to providing online, easy-to-use, effective, and affordable practice management solutions to the small firm marketplace.

Clio was produced with the cooperation and advice of the Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC). Having helped many of its solo and small firm members deal with the challenges of practice management, the Law Society of British Columbia identified considerable need for a web-based practice management tool tailored to the needs of those firms.

The Law Society approached Themis Solutions to help fill this void, and guided the development of a system that addresses many of the challenges faced by most solos and small firms: calendaring, time tracking, note taking, trust accounting, managing retainers.

With a view to helping lawyers meet their professional and ethical obligations, the Law Society of British Columbia's Practice Standards division advised the integration of several key features in Clio, such as retainer tracking, trust accounting logic, and fail-safe calendaring.