Part One: Post a task to DV-Marsh describing the specific steps you would take to obtain either the original or an authenticated copy of the exhibit assigned to you below. Then send an email to Professors Cunningham and Roberts indicating that you have posted the task. If the described task is sufficient to obtain the exhibit, we will notify you by return email, mark the task "completed," and upload the exhibit to the Documents folder in DV-Marsh. Please note that we will be uploading exhibits from the actual case (Velma Marsland) on which the Marsh simulation is based, or documents from other actual cases so treat the exhibits as confidential; do not show to anyone outside our class. For some exhibits, we will also upload the actual subpoena and/or other documents used to obtain the exhibit. The actual Marsland police report has already been uploaded and provides identifying information (names, dates, addresses, etc) that may be useful to you that were redacted from the Marsh police report.

Part Two: Post a short memo to DV-Marsh/Documents listing each Rule (specifying subsections if appropriate) of the new Georgia Rules of Evidence that you anticipate you may need to cite when offering the exhibit at the TPO hearing. Make sure you consider: (a) authentication, (b) relevance, (c) possible hearsay objections, and (d) any other evidentiary rule that the respondent might use to opppose admitting the exhibit. For all the exhibits, you should be able to authenticate and lay the foundation either through testimony of the Petitioner or with an authenticating document from the custodian of the record (see Authentication in Milich, Georgia Evidence Essentials)

This assignment should be completed by Noon, Wednesday, February 13, so Part One should be completed as soon as possible. (Professors Cunningham and Roberts will not be reading email or reviewing Clio on Saturday, Feb 9 or Sunday, Feb 10).

  1. Police Incident Report (Tom)
  2. Car loan (Heath)
  3. Grady EMS (Galen)
  4. Photos (Jennifer)
  5. Warrant & Bond Order (Katherine)
  6. Security footage (Katrina)
  7. Prior Convictions (Evan)
  8. 911 Recording (Kathy)