WA 7 - Motion for Attorney Fees

Instructions from Professor Roberts (taken from her April 3 email).

A reminder about the assignment:

  1. I have handed out to you: (1) your time records for your DV case and (2) your team time records for your DV case.
  2. Your assignment for next week is to draft a motion and affidavit requesting legal fees for your DV case from the judge based on your timekeeping.
  3. Your time records will constitute the basis for your bill and will serve as the exhibit to your affidavit.  However,  exercise “billing judgment by excluding “excessive, redundant, or otherwise unnecessary” hours, which are hours “that would be unreasonable to bill to a client and therefore to one's adversary”  Also consider whether to claim hours for which the  subject matter of the time expenditure description may be attacked as not  “set out with sufficient particularity”
  4. Redact any privileged and confidential information from your bill before attaching it to your pleading by using a black marker.
  5. Use only the bill we have provided you with—there is no opportunity for you to edit or supplement your Clio time entries.
  6. Bring a hard copy of your affidavit and exhibit with you to class next week.
  7. You may draft two separate documents or only one document containing all of the necessary information, “Motion for Attorney’s Fees and Affidavit in Support Thereof.”
    1. Use the Legal Aid document in Clio “All-DV” for an example of the consolidated document