Comments from Student Evaluations: Fall 2005

“I received more practical experience from this course than any other course I have taken during law school. The course stretched me in ways that my other law courses have not, because the course forced me to get out in the field, communicate with people I normally wouldn’t communicate with, do research that was sometimes difficult and frustrating, and frequently dress up in a suit.”

“The thing I like least about law school is that, despite all the “book learning” we do, short of the externship programs there is nothing offered that gives a student a look at the real world of practicing law. The thing I liked most about this course is that it is the exception. It has offered me a chance to get a glimpse into the real world of the criminal justice system. It is a chance to interact with people outside the academic environment and a chance to gain practical experience that usually only comes from being employed in the field.”

“I liked the amount of time I spent in court the most about this course. I will be entering the criminal defense field, so I liked the fact I spent the majority of my time in the courtroom. Specifically, I found it most helpful in that I learned how difficult it can be to get things from the court.”

“I liked the fact that each student was given broad latitude in developing his or her own project but then working together in groups on similar issues was a refreshing break from the structured approach of many law school classes. Free-flowing discussions encouraged us all to think about the systemic problems in our justice system. Of course, the possibility to have a real impact makes things more interesting as well.”