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Clark D. Cunningham, Founders: Removal from office is not the only purpose of impeachment The Conversation (Sep. 26, 2019, updated Dec. 16, 2019) (131,000 + on-line readers, 72,000+ Facebook shares)
-- Eric Black, A quaint, almost calming take on how impeachment got into the Constitution, MinnPost (Oct. 2, 2019) (discussing Founders: Removal from office is not the only purpose of impeachment)
-- Ned Barnett, The Tar Heel who caused Trump's troubles, The News Observer (Oct. 7, 2019) (citing Founders: Removal from office is not the only purpose of impeachment and interviewing Prof. Cunningham)

Clark D. Cunningham, The One Word Alan Dershowitz Gets Wrong in the Impeachment Clause: There's a reason the Founders didn't just end it at "high crimes" Politico, Jan. 24, 2020

Clark D. Cunningham, The Dershowitz Attack on the Trump Articles of Impeachment is Weakened, Perhaps Fatally, by the Possibility That “Misdemeanors” Could Mean “Misconduct” Harvard Law Review Blog, Jan. 29, 2020

Clark D. Cunningham, Limiting Senate inquiry ignores Founders’ intent for impeachment, The Conversation Jan. 30, 2020

Impeachment Explained (Seven Clark Cunningham interviews on CourtTV)

General Resources
Public Document Clearinghouse: Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry,
Senate Impeachment Trial: Live Updates And Analysis, FiveThirtyEight
Lawfare: Impeachment Lawfare Podcasts

Report on Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment: House Judiciary Committee (Feb. 1974)

Rules of Procedure and Practice in the Senate when Sitting on Impeachment Trials
(Aug. 16, 1986)

Hillary Hurd & Benjamin Wittes, Imagining a Senate Trial: Reading the Senate Rules of Impeachment Litigation, Lawfare (Dec. 2. 2019)

Impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton
-- Articles of Impeachment
-- Senate Resolution 16 for procedures (Jan. 8, 1999)
----Original Resolution 16
--Senate Trial Chronology

Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

Government Documents
-- Pentagon Letter on Ukraine Aid
--Indictment of Lev Parnas & Igor Fruman (U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York)
--General Accounting Office: Withholding of Ukraine Security Assistance (Jan. 16, 2020)

House of Representatives
-- Testimony of constitutional law experts before the House Judiciary Committee, Dec. 4, 2019: video
-- Prof. Noah Feldman, Harvard Law School
-- Prof. Michael Gerhardt, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
-- Prof. Pamela Karlan, Stanford Law School
-- Prof. Jonathan Turley, George Washington University Law School
-- Constitutional Grounds for Impeachment: Report by the Majority Staff of the House Judiciary Committee (Dec. 7, 2019) (55 pages)
---- Report of Evidence in the Democrats' Impeachment Inquiry: Republican Staff Report (123 pages)
-- Impeachment of Donald J. Trump: Report of the House Judiciary Committee ( Dec. 16, 2019) (full report with appendices, 658 pages)
-- Articles of Impeachment (Dec. 18, 2019)

-- Letter from Minority Leader Schumer to Majority Leader McConnell requesting witnesses and documents (Dec. 15, 2020)
-- Trial Memorandum of House of Representatives (Jan. 19, 2020) (111 pages)
-- Answer of President Donald J. Trump to Articles of Impeachment (Jan. 18, 2020)
-- Trial Memorandum of President Trump (without appendix) (Jan. 20, 2020) (116 pages)
-----Appendix to President's Trial Memorandum (55 pages)
-- Replication of House to the Answer of President Trump (Jan. 20, 2020)
-- Reply Memorandum of House of Representatives (Jan. 21, 2020) (111 pages)
-- Senate Resolution 483 to provide for procedures (Jan. 21. 2020)
-- Congressional Record (Jan. 27, 2020): arguments of Ken Starr (S580-S584), Robert Ray (S604-S609), and Alan Dershowitz (S609-S616)
-- C-Span2 (Jan. 27, 2020): Video of Dershowitz argument (1 hour)

Dec 18, 2020: House of Representatives approves two articles of impeachment against President Trump


Jan 15, 2020 House Managers Deliver Articles of Impeachment to the Senate

Clark D. Cunningham is the W. Lee Burge Chair in Law & Ethics at the Georgia State University College of Law in Atlanta. An expert on the original meaning of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, his article published by The Conversation, Founders: Removal from office is not the only purpose of impeachment has been read by more than 131,000 on-line readers and shared on more than 72,000 Facebook pages.

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