What Clients Want: 3 points toward cumulative quiz score for completion.

Due: Friday, August 31 (noon) using on-line report form. Bring a copy of your own interview notes to class on 9/4.

You may want to print this page to use to take notes during your interview.

Find a person you know fairly well who is not a lawyer (such as a family member or neighbor) who has used a lawyer in the past and was dissatisfied in some respect. You are required to contact up to three people for this project.

When you find someone who has been dissatisfied in some respect with a lawyer in the past, ask simply: "Was there a particular reason why you were dissatisfied?" Record the following information which you will then report using the on-line survey lilnk below.

1. Apparent age of person interviewed: ___Younger than 20 __20-30 __31-40 __ 41-50 __ 51-60 __ 61-70 __ Older than 70

2. Gender ___ Male ___ Female

3. Type of case: __ Divorce ___ Other Family ___Residential Sale/Purchase __ Wills&Estates ___ Traffic ___ Criminal (non-traffic) Personal Injury ____ Business___

Other (describe: _________________________________________________________________________)

4. Why the person was dissatisfied. (Please do not report here any information that could identify the person interviewed or the lawyer.)

.When you have completed the interview, use the following link to report the results. Your on-line report is completely anonymous, including to Professor Cunningham

Link to on-line survey report: www.surveymonkey.com/s/FriendSurveyF12

You will see that after you report your own results that you will be taken to a web page where you can view all the interview reports submitted to date by you and your classmates.

After completing the on-line form, send Professor Cunningham an email confirming that you have completed the assignment: cdcunningham@gsu.edu

If you have not been able to find a person who has been dissatisfied with a lawyer after three attempts, you may satisfy this assignment by certifying in your email that you have contacted three people.

September 4 (to be completed after results are submitted)

Results: Reasons Given

By Men
By Women
By Persons 41 or older
By Persons 40 or younger
Personal Plight problems
Transactional problems