- Being prepared for class (which includes being present) 

- Participation

- Initiative (not continuously having to be asked by your teammates to engage in required work)

- Dependability (hitting deadlines, especially group related)

- Interacting with the group, giving appropriate feedback (aka: Team Player)



- COOPERATION: Illustrates a willingness to assist firm members in achieving success in firm activities.

- INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPATION: Exhibits behavior illustrating a high level of preparedness and engagement.

- SHOWING RESPECT: Interacts with others in a polite manner in a genuine effort to attend to others' feelings.

- GROUP LEADERSHIP: Provides focus and direction at proper times in an effort to attain a desired firm goal.



- Communication: Both being able to speak up and listen and prompt response to out of class assignments

- Co-operation: Everyone worked together using his or her abilities and knowledge to contribute to the learning of all and to the quality of assignments

- Respect: Appreciating each member for what they bring to the group

- Preparation: Doing the required readings for each class as well as doing all assigned tasks each member is responsible for



- Cooperation: Each firm member shall actively participate during in-class discussions.

- Communication: Each firm member shall discuss ideas and/or thoughts regarding class material and assignments. Each firm member shall communicate concerns with the firm via email and/or in-class discussions.

- Offering Diverse Points of View: Each firm member shall offer insight into the assigned material and acknowledge other viewpoints and/or opposing arguments.

- Respect/Professionalism: Each firm member shall treat other members of the firm with respect and professionalism at all times during the semester.


The Protectors

- Individual Participation: When participating in group activities and discussions, each individual must make a genuine effort to get involved and voice opinions.

- Respect: Each group member must show respect towards other members' opinions and keep an open mind in assessing other members' input.

- Communication: Communication among members must remain consistent and within reasonable response time.

- Prepared: Each group member must be prepared for class discussions as each is a representative of the Protectors.



- Accountability; including attendance, punctuality and timely submitting assignments.

- Courteousness; including mutual respect during group conferences and other collaborative exercises

- Communication and teamwork during group exercises

- Added value to group such as correct answers during discussion for group quizzes or successful appeals


Success Team

- Teamwork

- Expressing team opinion publicly in class

- Attendance

- Making quiz appeals for the team

- Sharing helpful knowledge for quizzes