Nissan Motor v Orozco
595 So.2d 240 (Fla. App. 1992)
Orozco: Plaintiff
Nissan: Defendant
Rumberger: Rumberger law firm
Schlesinger: Schlesinger law firm
Buechele: Attorney Paul Buechele

1) Rumberger (Orlando) defends Nissan against Orozco

2) Buechele-Rumberger (Miami) takes routine deps for Nissan

3) Buechele switches to Schlesinger firm

4) Buechele appears for Orozco on motion against Nissan

5) Nissan moves to disqualify Schlesinger firm from representing Orozco

6) Schlesinger fires Buechele

7) Schlesinger files affidavits: no one left at firm with knowledge from Nissan