SYLLABUS OUTLINE (tentative as of 2/25/22)
Make sure to refer to current syllabus as updated on TWEN during the semester

CLASS ONE (1/12/22) 
How to Learn Professional Responsibility

CLASS TWO (1/19/22)
What are the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct?
How are the Rules interpreted?
How are the Rules enforced?
The “business” of law practice: Regulation of Solicitation

CLASS THREE (1/26/22)
The “business” of law practice:
- Advertising
- Fees
- Trust accounting

CLASS FOUR (2/2/22)
Duties of competence, diligence, effective communication
Determining the scope of representation
Terminating representation
Lawyer as advisor
Duty of confidentiality
Duty of honesty to the court
Duty of honesty to third parties
Start reading Case Study I: Frank Armani and the Garrow case

CLASS FIVE (2/9/22)  
Continued discussion of duty of honesty to the court and third parties
Simon Exercise – Part 1

CLASS SIX (2/16/22)
Complete reading Case Study I: Frank Armani and the Garrow case
Simon Exercise – Part 2
Zoom debrief of Simon Exercise – Part 2
Review instructions for Simon Paper

CLASS SEVEN (2/23/22)
Continued discussion of Case Study I

CLASS EIGHT (3/2/22)
No class meeting or assignments other than Simon Paper
Simon Paper due by 6 pm   (grade reduced if late without good cause)

CLASS NINE (3/9/22)
Conflicts of Interest, Motions to Disqualify and Malpractice Liability
Midterm Evaluation

SPRING BREAK (3/16/22)

CLASS TEN (3/23/22)
Imputed conflict of interest within the same law firm
Changing law firms 

CLASS ELEVEN (3/30/22)
Representing an organization
OPM exercise

Duties as an advocate
Lawyer as witness
Duties to third parties
Confidentiality between jointly represented clients
Case Studies: Volume II (A) pp. 2-39 (Baby Jessica Case)
Baby Jessica: Exercise One

Case Studies: Volume II, Section B: Constance Baker Motley and the James Meredith Case, pp 1-50

Case Studies: Volume II (A) (Baby Jessica Case), pp 39-69
Baby Jessica: Exercise Two