SYLLABUS OUTLINE (tentative as of 1/4/22)
Make sure to refer to current syllabus as updated on TWEN during the semester

CLASS ONE (1/12/22) 
How to Learn Professional Responsibility

CLASS TWO (1/19/22)
What are the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct?
How are the Rules interpreted?
How are the Rules enforced?
The “business” of law practice:

CLASS THREE (1/26/22)
Duties of competence, diligence, effective communication
Determining the scope of representation
Terminating representation
Client under a disability
Lawyer as advisor
Start reading Case Study I: Frank Armani and the Garrow case

CLASS FOUR (2/2/22)  
Continue reading Case Study I: Frank Armani and the Garrow case
Duty of confidentiality
Duty of honesty to the court
Duty of honesty to third parties
Special duties of a prosecutor
Simon Exercise – Part 1

CLASS FIVE (2/9/22) 
Finish reading Case Study 1: Frank Armani and the Garrow case
Prepare for Simon Exercise – Part 2

CLASS SIX (2/16/22)
Simon Exercise – Part 2

CLASS SEVEN (2/23/22)
Zoom debrief of Simon Exercise – Part 2
Review instructions for Simon Paper
Midterm Evaluation

CLASS EIGHT (3/2/22)
No class meeting or assignments
Independent work on Simon Paper

CLASS NINE (3/9/22)
No class meeting or assignments other than Simon Paper
Simon Paper due by 9pm  (grade reduced if late without good cause)


CLASS TEN (3/23/22)
Conflicts of Interest, Motions to Disqualify and Malpractice Liability

CLASS ELEVEN (3/30/22)
Representing an organization
OPM exercise

Duties as an advocate
Lawyer as witness
Duties to third parties
Confidentiality between jointly represented clients
Case Studies: Volume II (A) pp. 2-39 (Baby Jessica Case)
Baby Jessica: Exercise One

CLASS THIRTEEN  (4/13/22) 
Case Studies: Volume II, Section B: Constance Baker Motley and the James Meredith Case, pp 1-50
Case Studies: Volume II (A) (Baby Jessica Case), pp 39-69
Baby Jessica: Exercise Two

Imputed conflict of interest within the same law firm
Changing law firms