On-Line Applications for the 2005 Award

View application by clicking on name of applicant(s). Materials submitted in electronic form in support of these applications can also be viewed by clicking on the title of the item as listed at the end of the application under "Supporting Materials." If "pdf file" appears after the title of the item, you must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view the item.

First Prize Winner:
1) Patrick Emery Longan ( Mercer University): First Year Legal Profession Course

Honorable Mention:
2) Lisa Brabbit & Neil Hamilton (University of St. Thomas): Mentor Externship Program
3) Lois R. Lupica (University of Maine): Professional Responsibility Re-designed


4) Anthony V. Alfieri (University of Miami): Center for Ethics and Public Service

5) Howard W. Brill (University of Arkansas): Ethics and the Lawyers of John Grisham

6) David S. Caudill (Washington and Lee University): Law and Literature Studies for Law Alumni and Students

7) Lawrence Dubin (University of Detroit Mercy School of Law): The Legal Profession's Hidden Secret: Substance Abuse

8) Lawrence M. Grosberg (New York Law School): Standardized Clients in First Year Lawyering Course

9) Douglas A. Kahn (University of Michigan): Tax Planning for Business Transactions

10) Rebecca Morgan & Roberta Flowers (Stetson): Interactive Multimedia Presentation of Ethical and Professional Issues Encountered in an Elder Law Practice

11) William Wesley Patton (Whittier): Legal Policy Clinic

12) Robert Schwartz (University of New Mexico): Hugh Muir Oath Project and Professional Responsibility Day

13) Amy Timmer (Cooley): Professionalism Committee and Professionalism Plan

14) Dennis J. Tuchler (St. Louis University): Program for Second Semester First-Year Students

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