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First Prize Winner:
Sophie Sparrow (Franklin Pierce Law Center): First Year Legal Skills Course

Honorable Mention:
Leary Davis (Campbell University): Professionalism Development Program
James E. Moliterno (William & Mary): Legal Skills Program

Anthony V. Alfieri (Miami): Center for Ethics and Public Service

Douglas A. Berman (Ohio State): Course on the Process of Judging and Clerking

John Calmore (North Carolina): Social Justice --Professionals, Communities & Law

David S. Caudill (Washington & Lee): Law & Literature Studies

John Dzienkowski & Charles Silver (Texas): State Bar Internship

A. James Elliott & Janette Pratt (Emory): Orientation to Professionalism.

Susan Saab Fortney (Texas Tech): Collaborative Legal Ethics Class

Lawrence M. Grosberg (New York Law School): Standardized Clients in First Year Lawyering Program

Douglas A. Kahn (Michigan): Tax Planning for Business Transactions

Angela Mae Kupenda (Mississippi College School of Law):Teaching Professionalism by Modeling in the Most Difficult Places

Patrick E. Longan (Mercer): First Year Legal Profession Course

Rebecca Morgan & Roberta Flowers (Stetson): Ethics in an Elder Law Practice

William Wesley Patton (Whittier): Legal Policy Clinic

Roy Stuckey (S. Carolina): Center on Professionalism

Joseph B. Tulman (Univ. District of Columbia): Juvenile & Special Education Law Clinic

W. Bradley Wendel (Washington & Lee): Joint Law/Philosophy Seminar on Legal Ethics