Judicial Power

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Clark D. Cunningham

W. Lee Burge Professor of Law & Ethics
Fall Semester 2003

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United States Supreme Court

THIS CLASS MEETS ON TUESDAYS IN ROOM 602: 2:20 pm - 3:55 pm unless otherwise indicated on the syllabus. The reading assignments are on the syllabus .

Supreme Court of India

Course Description
This seminar will explore the subject of judicial power by comparing the United States with other democracies in the world, in particular the world's largest democracy, India. Topics may include judicial activism, especially in regard to the presidential election and impeachment, access to justice, the right to liberty and due process, and affirmative action. The seminar will meet weekly for part of the semester with assigned readings from both U.S. and non-American materials. A final paper (minimum 25 pages) is required. Students are expected to do independent research for the final paper. (Note: all materials relating to the Indian legal system are in English.) Individual instructor-student conferences on paper topic selection may take place at the initiative of either student or instructor. Course Grade: 10% class participation, 40% first draft, 50% final paper.Two credit hours (3 credit hours with approval of instructor).

Attendance and Preparation
Failure to prepare for and attend class regularly may result in required withdrawal from the course. The course grade will be based on the final paper, class presentations and class participation. Students are encouraged to send an explanatory email if they are late, absent or inadequately prepared for a class.

Required Materials
All required readings will either be posted on the course web site, linked to the syllabus, or handed out in class. There is no text to purchase at the bookstore.

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