Criminal Justice Clinic
Clark D. Cunningham

This class will meet Mondays 2:30 - 4:30 at the Clinic office, located at 438 Edgewood.

Syllabus (As of September 18, 2004 )

All Assigned Readings are published on this course web site and linked directly to this Syllabus
for the Clinic Manual and materials handed out in class.

CLASS ONE (8/23):
Orientation to the clinic and its partner, the Georgia Justice Project. Interviewing clients and preliminary fact investigation.

  1. Brenda Blackwell & Clark Cunningham, Taking the Punishment out of the Process (pp 1-7, 11-31)
  2. Doug Ammar & Tosha Downey, Transformative Criminal Defense Practice, 31 Fordham Urban Law Journal 49(2003)
  3. Review the Clinic Contract you signed
  4. Review Time Requirements for Clinic

    CLASS TWO (8/30):
    Overview of pre-indictment criminal procedure in Fulton County and DeKalb County courts: 1st appearance hearings, commitment (probable cause) hearings, bond hearings, preliminary hearings.
    (Readings 8 & 9 distributed to clinic mailbox)

  5. County of Riverside v McLaughlin, 500 U.S. 48, 111 S.Ct. 1661 (1991).
  6. October 7, 2003 Letter to Chief Judge, City Court of Atlanta, from Georgia Justice Project
  7. Selected Georgia Statutes on Pre-Indictment Procedures
  8. Hon. Wayne M. Purdom (Judge, DeKalb State Court), Georgia Magistrate Court Handbook (4th ed. 2002)
    Ch 9: Arrest Warrants
    Ch 10: Initial Appearance and Probable Cause Review
    Ch 11: Preliminary (Committal) Hearings
    Ch 12: Criminal Bail (Bonds) and Pretrial Release
  9. John J. Goger, Daniel's Georgia Criminal Trial Practice Forms (5th ed. 2002)
    Ch 8: Bonds
    Ch 11: Commitment or Preliminary Hearing

NO CLASS (Labor Day) (9/6)