The Future of Legal Education: Comparative Perspectives
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Global Alliance for Justice Education:
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Open Society Justice Initiative:

Public Interest Law Institute (PILI): (an international NGO that advances human rights around the world by stimulating public interest advocacy and developing the infrastructure to sustain it)
Note especially the section on legal education reform, the database on clinical legal education and the Colloquium on Clinical Legal Education

United Kingdom (UK) Centre for Legal Education:

Woolf Chair in Legal Education (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London):

The Institute for Law School Teaching at Gonzaga University School of Law
Web site
Arturo Lopez Torres & Mary Kay Lundwall, An Annotated Bibliography of Current Methods for Law Teaching, 2000 Gonzaga Law Review 1 (pdf)
Gregoy S. Munro, Outcomes Assessment for Law Schools($36; 246 pages; ISBN: 0-9679901-0-6): Table of Contents
Gerald Hess and Steve Friedland, Techniques for Teaching Law (Carolina Academic Press, 1999; 384 pages; ISBN 0-89089-785-9; $29.95): abstract

3 The Complete Lawyer No. 5 (2007): Special Issue on “What Can Law Schools Do Better?”



Mary Keyes & Richard Johnstone, Changing Legal Education: Rhetoric, Reality, and Prospects for the Future, 26 Sydney L. Rev. 537 - 564 (2004) (delivered to students by email)

MANAGING JUSTICE: A review of the federal civil justice system (Australian Law Reform Commission Report No 89): Chapter 2 (Education, Training and Accountability)

Kingsford Legal Centre (University of New South Wales) – Clinical Legal Education Guides:

Law and Justice Foundation (Australia):

Queensland University of Technology Faculty of Law (Brisbane):
Note especially:
-- Welcome from the Dean:
-- Profile of Professor Sally Kift:
----- Kift, Harnessing Assessment and Feedback to Assure Quality Outcomes for Graduate Capability Development
---- Kift, An innovative assessment framework for enhanced learning (pdf)
-- QUT's Legal Practice Course (the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice), which prepares law graduates for admission to practice as legal practitioners:

Griffith Law School (Brisbane):
Note especially:
Clinical Legal Education:
Practical Legal Training:
Profile of Professor Jeff Giddings:
"The New Curriculum at Griffith" (pdf)

Flinders Law School (Adelaide):
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Practical Legal Training:


South Africa

David McQuoid-Mason
-- Using your imagination to light up knowledge, skills and values for LLB students: clinical legal education and effective lessons (Keynote Address at the 2006 Learning in Law Inititative, UK Centre for Legal Education)
-- Legal Aid Services and Human Rights In South Africa (From the on-line library of The Public Interest Law Institute (PILI))
-- The Delivery of Civil Legal Aid Services in South Africa, 24 Fordham Int'l L.J. 111 (2000)
-- Access to Justice in South Africa, 17 Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 230 (1999)
-- Teaching Social Justice to Law Students Through Community Service: the South African Experience
-- Clinical Legal Education and the Role of Law Clinics in South Africa

Filip Czericki, Filip Wejman & Izabela Gajewska-Krasnicka, Legal Clinics in South Africa: Study Tour Report (Proceedings of the 2002 Fifth Annual Colloquium on Clinical Legal Education, Warsaw, Poland) (pdf)

Peggy Maisel, An Alternative Model to United States Bar Examinations: The South African Community Service Experience in Licensing Attorneys, 20 Ga.St U. L. Rev. (2004)

Thuli Mhlungu, Educating and Licensing Attorneys in South Africa, 20 Ga.St U. L. Rev. (2004)

Asha Ramgobin, Access to Justice: the Social Responsibility of Lawyers: Reflections on the Challenges Facing Public Interest Lawyers in Post-Apartheid South Africa; Case Study: Balancing the Interests of Land Claimants with the Need for Low Cost Housing in Cato Manor, 7 Wash. U. J.L. & Pol'y 77 (2001) (pdf)

University of Kwazulu-Natal (Durban):
Note especially:
Overview of Profession:
Campus Law Clinics:


N.R. Madhava Menon
-- In Defense of Socially-Relevant Legal Education (1996)
-- A Handbook on Clinical Legal Education (1998)
---- Chapter 1: Clinical Legal Education: Concepts and Concerns (includes history of clinical legal education in India) (on course CD)
---- Chapter 15: Development of Clinical Teaching at the National Law School of India: An Experiment in Imparting Value Oriented Skills Training (on course CD)

Frank S. Bloch & M.R.K. Prasad, Institutionalizing A Social Justice Mission for Clinical Legal Education: Cross-National Currents from India and the United States, 13 Clinical Law Review 165 - 212 (2006) (pdf)

V. M. Salgaocar College of Law (Goa):
Note especially:
Cyber Legal Aid:
Legal Aid Society:
Legal Aid Cells:
Improving Access to Legal Aid as Part of Building an Integrated Approach to Reduce Vulnerability of Women and Children to Sex Tourism and Trafficking in Goa (pdf)

National Law Institute (Bhopal):
Course of study:
Legal Aid Committee



Glasgow Graduate School of Law:
Professor Paul Maharg
-- Blog on legal education -
-- Transactional Learning Environments and Professional Legal Education in Scotland, Bar Examiner (Nov. 2005), pp. 9-13 (pdf download).
-- "Valuing What Clients Think: Standardized Clients and the Assessment of Communicative Competence" (co-authored with Karen Barton, Clark D. Cunningham & Gregory Todd Jones), 13 Clinical Law Review 1 (Fall 2006) (pdf) (reporting empirical evidence from pilot project at the Glasgow Graduate School of Law that standardized clients can provide reliable assessment of client interviewing skillls)

Latin America

Mariela Puga
-- Challenges for Legal Clinics in Argentina, The Law Teacher (2003) (on course CD)
-- First Year of a Legal Clinic in the Northwest of Argentina

Martin Bohmer, Access to Justice and Judicial Reform in Argentina

Daniel Bonilla, Public Interest Law Clinics in Latin America