The Client Relationship
pts from Videos That May be Shown in Class

Clark D. Cunningham

W. Lee Burge Professor of Law & Ethics

Georgia State University College of Law

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Heroes of Their Own Lives

  M.K. Gandhi and Civil Disobedience in South Africa (Gandhi)

  a. There is at least one colored attorney in South Africa.”

  b. “They will have my dead body -- not my obedience!”


Client-Centered Lawyering

  John Quincy Adams and the Amistad Slave Mutiny (Amistad)

  a. “What is their story?”

  b. “Your words”                                



  Frank Armani and the Robert Garrow “Two Bodies” Case (PBS Ethics on Trial)

  “It’s a terrible thing to play God.”


Client Counseling and Decisionmaking

Constance Baker Motley and the James Meredith Case (Eyes on the Prize)

   “A genuine revolution on the part of black people”

Suellyn Scarnecchia and the Baby Jessica Case

  a. Too close? (Interview with Scarnecchia)

  b. The hardest moment. (Interview with Scarnecchia)

  c. Turning over Baby Jessica (Whose Child is This? Made-for-TV movie)