American Bar Association

Standing Committee on Specialization
2004 National Roundtable

on Lawyer Specialty Certification

Thursday, March 25 - Saturday March 27, 2004
Chateau Sonesta Hotel, New Orleans, LA

Professionalism and the Certified Specialist

Clark D. Cunningham

W. Lee Burge Professor of Law & Ethics

Georgia State University College of Law

Atlanta, Georgia

Materials for Presentation on Friday, March 26

(Complete set of matierials [79 pages] can be downloaded by clicking here)


1. Background information

    1. Clark D. Cunningham Home Page                                                                          

    2. W. Lee Burge Chair Professionalism Page                                                             

    3. Web Page on Specialty Certification                                                                        


2. Adrian Evans & Clark D. Cunningham, Specialty Certification as an Incentive for Increased Professionalism: Lessons from Other Disciplines and Countries,  54 S. Carolina L. Rev. 987 (2003)  (Full text available at                      


3. Clark D. Cunningham, But What is Their Story?, 52 Emory L.J. 1147 (2003)  (client survey project of the Effective Lawyer Client Communication Project)  (More information available at                                        


4. Family Law Specialist Accreditation: Assessment Guidelines, The Law Society of New South Wales (Australia) (Full text available at                   


5. The Specialist Quality Mark in England and Wales